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Cabriole Leg Table

One of our most popular leg styles, the cabriole (curved) leg gets its influence from the mid-1700's French style - although it was also quite popular during the English Rococo period with a claw-and-ball foot. 

Looking for a dining table? Some still opt for the antique pine timber - especially with the French polish finish - an attractive blend of an informal wood with a more formal finish. Again, the aged cherry timber offers the most flexibility in terms of stains and finishes. The Walnut timber is the more formal option. 

All of our Stains and Finishes are hand applied helping to bring out the attractive grain of the wood. All of our tables are made by hand of solid wood using time honored techniques and craftsmanship that comes with a fine piece of furniture.

This table is available in pine, cherry, walnut, and oak wood with many
stain and finish options. We will gladly build to size for you.

Use our exclusive CUSTOM TABLE DESIGNER to price your custom table!

Pine Cabriole Leg Table

Dark French Polish Finish, Thick Top

Oak Cabriole Leg Table

Ebony Stain, Lacquer Finish, Carved Leg

Italian Upholstered Chairs

Ebony Stain, Lacquer Finish

Round Walnut Cabriole Leg Table

French Polish Finish, Beveled Edge

Mahogany Cabriole Leg Table

Red Mahogany Stain, Lacquer Finish, Carved Leg, Beveled Edge

Walnut Cabriole Leg Table

French Polish Finish, Carved Leg, Thick Top

Carved Cabriole Leg - Detail

Cabriole Leg - Detail

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